The District Newsletter, the Kiwanews, is published every other month.

  • The deadline for the October/November issue is October 31st.
  • The deadline for the December/January issue is December 31st.
  • The deadline for the February/March issue is February 28th.
  • The deadline for the April/May issue is April 30th.
  • The deadline for the June/July issue is June 30th.
  • The deadline for the August/September issue is August 31st.

Criteria for submitting articles:

  • Priority for publication will be given to articles about club service projects and fundraising projects
  • No more than 400 words
  • Due to copyright laws, articles that have been previously published in other publications (unless you have approval from the author) cannot be published in the Kiwanews. Articles and photos should be originals submitted by Kiwanians. Links to newspaper articles or photos cannot not be used.
  • Articles: Please submit one Word document with pictures attached separately in the same email. If you wish to share news about multiple club projects, please include all in one Word document – preferably an overview of each project in one article. Please do not send multiple submissions after each event occurs. This will prevent separate articles and photos from mistakenly being omitted.
  • Photographs: Do not include photos within text documents; send as separate attachments in the highest resolution (unclear photos will not be used). Photos of volunteers in action and candid shots are preferred. Shoot from the front – we are not likely to use a shot with mostly backs. Captions may not always be published, but it is helpful if you can identify subjects. Only .jpg and .png photos accepted. Photos of newspaper cutouts will not be used.
  • Make sure to answer: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Include the CLUB, AUTHOR, and EVENT
  • ACCURACY: Please double check all dates, locations, etc., and be sure that all names are spelled correctly. While we do our best to correct issues if we notice them, we do not have the resources to confirm this type of information.