Online Reporting

If you’re a club secretary tasked with completing club reports, online reporting in provides you with a one-stop, single login destination for various reports:

Monthly Club Report

This report fulfills your requirements to Kiwanis International, provides data to improve our programs, and alleviates the need for a more extensive year-end report. This report now includes tracking for signature club projects. By completing all 12 months of this report, data is automatically rolled into the Annual Club Report for you, including Distinguished Club reporting.

Annual Club Report

This report allows clubs to report service and administrative activities for the year. By completing all 12 of the Monthly Club Reports, you have completed your requirements for the year. Clubs that have been reporting monthly will have an opportunity to review a compilation of the submitted data around November 1 and may modify any of the monthly reports as needed. Changes are easy: go back to your individual Monthly Club Report and make edits. Revisions flow into the Annual Club Report.

Member Management

Club secretaries are now able to add, delete and edit members online. These adds, deletes and edits are automatically made in the Kiwanis International database. This will cut down on the amount of time spent maintaining club rosters. Clubs can generate and print out invoices to send into the Kiwanis International office. Also, district administration will receive updates of when members are added and deleted and will not need to receive paper copies for new members.

Election Report

Often referred to as the Club Election form, the submission period for this form opens on April 1 and closes on September 29 each year. Exception: reporting mid-year change in officers can be done all year. The election report can now be completed online with the Club Management System. You can login as a secretary and submit the report without any paperwork.

Club Meeting and Website Changes

Clubs can add or edit their meeting place, which is then displayed in the club locator (Find A Club on so that prospective members and guests can find you when searching for a club to join near their home or work. The secretary dashboard features an option for clubs to update their meeting information and public website and have it feed real-time data into the club locator.

Need Help?

If you have difficulties with registration, login or functionality of the reports, please e-mail [email protected] for support or call us at 1-317-875-8755, ext. 411 (worldwide), or 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411 (US and Canada).